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Jane Fraser, Fremantle Press: Client Q&A

As CEO of Fremantle Press, Jane Fraser helps bring uniquely Australian stories to the world.

How did you get involved in publishing?
It all happened by accident when I finished uni. I needed a job and publishing sounded great. I started in sales, then moved into editorial.

What’s your role as CEO of Fremantle Press?
I’ve been a publisher for many years producing large format non-fiction, but now I lead the company I have to concentrate more on the numbers and strategic planning, not words and illustrations. I also have a sales role, working with our marketing team and on rights negotiation with international publishers.

You must get lots of manuscripts across your desk. What makes a piece of work stand out from the pile?
Something that keeps me reading; a writer who has a good grasp of the nuts and bolts of telling a good story with narrative interest and reader connection.

What’s been the highlight of the job so far?
Celebrating the company’s 40th birthday, knowing we’re in good shape financially.

Any future plans you can talk about?
We’re going to keep doing what we do best – finding and publishing books by new WA writers.

How long have you been with PSZ and how did you decide they were the accountants for you?
We’ve been with PSZ for over six years now. They were recommended to us and we knew they understood arts organisations as well as not-for-profits.

Who do you deal with at PSZ and what services do they provide?
Dino Penaranda does our annual audit for us. 

As an incorporated not-for-profit organisation, do you require special expertise from your accountants?
Yes, because we have to report to our key funding bodies in a particular way. We also appreciate that Dino and the team understand the complexities of publishing and how we fit into the not-for-profit model.

Three words that describe you…
Passionate. Adventurous. Sensible.

A quirky fact about you…
While I love the creative side of publishing I also really enjoy the business side of the role.

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